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  IVF CONSUMABLES - Micropipettes by Vitrolife

Micropipettes by Vitrolife

A pipette for every occasion


Vitrolife pipettes are tools for the discerning professional that cover all important procedures in IVF. To ensure consistency, performance and safety, each pipette leaving our production is inspected by microscope and each LOT is MEA tested.

A Vitrolife pipette gives you a product that saves time, behaves reliably and offers control in conducting IVF procedures. Safety is built in every design and verified in testing, caring for the embryo not to be damaged or stressed.

Product List


Denudation pipettes
+ Holding pipettes
+ Hatching pipettes
+ ICSI pipettes
+ PZD pipettes
+ Pipette accessories
+ Transfer pipettes
+ Blastomere pipettes

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Micropipettes by Vitrolife

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