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  IVF CONSUMABLES - G-Mops by Vitrolife


G-Mops - For handling and manipulating oocytes and embryos in ambient atmosphere.


G-Series™ – meeting embryo requirements
The G-Series™ is developed as a series of media products that each contains the appropriate nutrients for the development stage it is intended for. All media in the G-Series™ are based on the same ionic composition, with the same osmolality and pH. This common set of ions prevents the intracellular stress the embryo is exposed to when being moved around in different solutions.

VitrROShield for a protective environment
G-Series™ media with its built-in VitROShield help protect embryos during culture and handling in the laboratory. VitROShield is the combination of hyaluronan, gentamicin and the antioxidant lipoate in the culture system and protects from pH induced stress, free oxcygen radicals, infections and cryo damage.

Hyaluronan for viability
Hyaluronan is an important component of the G-Series™ that supports the preimplantation embryo development, facilitates embryo implantation and improves cryosurvivability. It is the major glycosaminoglycan present in the follicular, oviduct and uterine fluids.

Use the complete G-Series™ for optimal results.
By using the entire G-Series™ from aspiration to transfer you can be confident you are providing the best for the embryo in every step. Every product in the G5 Series™ is developed to resemble the different conditions of the female reproductive tract and fulfill embryo requirements.


For handling and manipulating oocytes and embryos in ambient atmosphere.

+ MOPS buffered medium.

For oocyte collection after temperature equilibration at +37°C and ambient atmosphere. G-MOPS™ only - For gamete and embryo manipulation after the addition of G-MM™ or HSA-solution™ and temperature equilibration at +37°C and ambient atmosphere.


Store dark at +2 to +8ºC.

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